About Us

What is E-curbside?

E-curbside is a HIPPA compliant on demand delivery platform available on any device. Our services match people who need packages delivered with trusted professionals who can pick up those packages and make those deliveries in real time. You are matched instantly with a courier after inputting your pickup and drop-off addresses and requesting your delivery.

How much does it cost to use E-Curbside and how do I pay?

Each delivery is unique based upon mileage. You will be given an estimated cost based upon mileage distance before you request an E-curbside Delivery. You are charged for the service once your delivery has been requested. If you cancel your request right away, there is no charge but if you cancel your request more than five minutes after the order request has been accepted by a driver, you will be charged a three-dollar cancellation fee. Your payment for using the services of E-curbside is processed by stripe.

What is the tipping policy?

You can tip drivers at your own discretion.

Can I use E-curbside to deliver anywhere?

E-curbside delivers within 10 miles from neighborhood stores in most major cities.

What are the hours of E-curbside?

E-curbside couriers are available 8am till 11pm, seven days a week.

How do I contact support?

For help with your account, with a delivery or with both, please reach out to our customer service department at: 1108 East Main Street, STE 906 #544, Richmond, VA 23219 or email us at cs@e- or call us (833) 358-2522.